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My 1986 Haro Freestyler Master Old School BMX “Rad” Bike

My 1986 Haro Freestyler Master

I have a great story you might like which is why I’m going to share it. It also lays out the reason to never give up on a dream and focus your attention on it. The law of attraction does work when you know how to use it.

So why is this a great story? 

Did you ever have a bike as a kid that you always wanted but never got? If not a bike, maybe it was something else. In my case, it was this bike. I want to say that it was about $400-450 at the local store (Hauer’s bike shop). We used to go in there and just drool at the BMX bikes. I would stare at this and they also had a couple Predators that I really liked. I did end up getting the black Predator I wanted many years later but not this one.

So 25 years, I start to reflect back and think about things I always wanted as a kid but never got. This mainly consisted of toys, games, and fun things. This bike happened to pop into my mind.

Now at this time, I had noooo money. In fact, I had debut. But I was also going through coaching at the time with Bob Proctor and he teaches to let go of the “why you can’t have it’s” and focus on “how can I get it” or better yet “already having it”.

This can be tough to do at first when you are learning about the law of attraction and the law of vibration. I started by looking to see what the bike would cost. It was actually fairly hard to find this bike in general and it took me a few days to get a vague idea of what it might cost and it was quite a bit more than the $450 I remember in 1986.

Once I got the price I found some pictures of exactly what I wanted. I printed them out and had one as my screen saver on my computer. I basically surrounded myself with thoughts about the bike and this caused my to think about it and imagine having it and how awesome that made me feel.

The find…

I would say that after about a month of thinking about it I was looking at old bike on ebay and just happened to see a guy selling a 1985 Redline RL-20 but in the background of the picture he had a lot of other bikes. One of those was a 1986 Haro Master.

I decided to write the guy and ask if he was interested in selling it and he said yes but wanted me to make an offer as he wouldn’t give me a price. I was freaking out inside because I had no money to offer him, but decided to go along with it and if I wanted it bad enough, I would find a way.

I searched for a few days of older sales of similar bikes and had to look back a few years to find 2 sales. Both were decent bikes (different colors) and were in the $2k range. I simply forwarded these old listings to the guy with pictures and mentioned that these were the only comparables I could find (which was true). He looked them up and decided on the higher priced bike we found to be his starting price and added a little due to the fact that this bike was perfect. We decided on $2,500 and now the pressure was on. Remember, I still didn’t have any more money than before.

What now?

After seeing detailed pictures of this bike, I knew this was my shot and I had to get it. It is 3 years since this happened and I still haven’t seen another even near as nice.

I had to put faith that I could manifest this money if I wanted it bad enough and I did. I sat and really thought about it, then decided to take money I had saved up for taxes and use that to pay for the bike. I had never considered this option before. Was it risky? Oh yes. Don’t screw with taxes….lol.

Now I know your thinking, Matt, you didn’t exactly attract money to pay for this bike, you already had it saved for taxes. You would be right, but I did in fact attract money, because I ended up get extra money after using it for the bike to pay back the borrowed tax dollars. Where did this money come from? All over honestly. Lots of little things started adding up and I had the money to pay back in no time.

This really is how the law works. It takes guts, faith, and some risk. Most people are not willing to do all or even any of those things, so they don’t get what they want.

Concerns I had after buying the bike…

I’ll be honest, I was scared after buying the bike that I might have to sell it to pay back the money. This is a normal “terror barrier” a lot of you might hit if you are doing something similar. I had to dig deep and prove that I could make it happen and I did.

Determination and focus will always pay off for you if it is backed with passion. It is a LAW in life and not just some theory. I have proven this to myself all through my life.


I just wanted to share this because maybe it will help someone out there get something they always wanted. I will be posting other things I have gotten and achieved over the last 3 years to continue to reinforce that this really works.

All that aside, I still have the bike and every time I see it, it reminds me of overcoming that fear and that getting things I want is always possible if you focus on it with passion.

Time to ramp things up from a bike and get my new truck!!! I’ll be writing this soon and putting it in my blog.


I did get my new truck as well 🙂 you can see it here: