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Halo Collection – Near Complete Sealed Halo Collector

The Halo Collection: As an avid Halo collector I felt like rather than keep everything hidden away I would display some of what I have. Since taking this picture, I have added a lot of loose ends including a halo 3 system that is sealed/ new, and some variants of halo 2, reach, and halo […]

The NES Zelda Test Cartridge History

As a collector or game enthusiast, have you ever come across a Zelda game cart that looks like the one in the picture above? Not many people had back in 2002 or so. So many of us just took guesses as to what it might be and why, but no one actually knew at the […]

Video Game Timeline and History – What Is Missing?

Let’s play a game! Ha Ha, Love the pun…. Here is a picture of a video game timeline that I found online (credit to who ever owns it, feel free to mention in the comments). The problem is, I see a LOT of missing items. I spot one immediately that should be on here for […]

Places To Sell Video Games For Cash Near Me

Are You Looking To Sell Your Video Games For Cash? 💵😀 Do you have old games you dug up in storage or you’ve just had sitting around for years and want to make some extra money? Well, even though I am a video game collector, I am also a buyer and I buy in bulk […]

How Much Is An Original Nintendo Worth?

So What Is An Original NES Worth These Days? Oh the age old question. For all of those that watched storage wars years ago, it really added a headache as everyone thought they were worth a million dollars all of a sudden! Thanks fake reality TV. No, it is not worth a million dollars, but […]

The Legend Of Zelda Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition

The Encyclopedia Of The Legend Of Zelda? Man this is awesome! Just the detail that went into the making of this is amazing. I am going to get a copy for sure while they have them. This video explains it all better than I can. I will leave a link below where you can find a […]

Short Story Long Superpod

Short Story Long’s Super Podcast I was just browsing my youtube and ran into this (as I love Rob Dyrdek and Tom Bilyeu) and thought I would check it out for a few minutes. Well, a few minutes turned into 2 and a half hours. This is This is one of the best interviews and […]

Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock Review

Is Ben And Jerry’s Euphoria Ice Cream Lock Any Good? This all started for me when my girlfriend sent me a link on Facebook showing this silly ice cream lock. I know she sent it to me as a joke, but I went a step further and looked into it to realize that it was […]

Awesome Job 2 Do – Doo Doo Doo Song And Video

My friend Brit was playing this in the background as I was painting a green screen wall in our office for shooting video. The song literally stuck in my head for a few days. Honestly I love it, so just wanted to share it with everyone. This is by “Job 2 Do” We call it […]

My New Stern Star Wars Limited Edition Pinball

  Stern’s New Star Wars LE Pinball So one of the things you will get to know about me if you browse around here long enough is that I am a video game collector. I mainly collect NES games as we as any 80’s or most 90’s systems. One thing I am also getting into […]

SNES Classic Mini To Be Released For Christmas In 2017

It Is Finally Here, The SNES Classic Mini! Well, they got us with the NES Classic mini, why not hit us with the SNES Classic mini as well right! Are they going to do a limited line on this one as well?! Please be smart this time Nintendo. The Release Date is now supposedly set […]