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INK ID Referral Code

MCMROSE INK Id Referral Code


INK Games Finally Did It!

If you haven’t played INK Game’s new game (Prize Kingdoms) check it out here: Prize Kingdoms

The game is visually appealing and I’ve already worked up to level 38 (at the time that I am writing this anyway).

Why is this cool Matt?

With the combination of INK Games and Prize Kingdoms, you can actually make money signing people up for the game! 

How Do I Join And Get An INK ID?

You can sign up here:

With that said, you have to first know someone with an INK ID to join like me (MCMROSE) and put that in the area where it asks who referred you.

See Image Below: 

INK ID Signup Form

Once you are signed up, then you will get your own INK ID to share with others so you can make money when people play the game as well 🙂

The great part right now is that it is early and people haven’t really heard about this yet, so the competition is not as hard as it will be in the future. 

So I Can Make Money From Prize Kingdoms?

When you have an INK ID, yes, you have the opportunity. Without an ID, no.

This is only the beginning and Prize Kingdoms is only the first game to incorporate this. It is the future of where this can go which is exciting!!!

Who is INK Games?

INK Games: A Revolution in Gaming

Ever had that heart-pounding moment in a game where you’re so immersed, you forget the world around you? That’s the magic of INK Games.

An Introduction to INK Games

INK Games isn’t just another name in the gaming industry; it’s a sensation. Remember the first time you held a joystick? Or perhaps the thrill of scoring your first point in a game? INK Games amplifies that feeling tenfold. It’s like diving into a world where dreams are tangible, and emotions run wild.

The Evolution of Gaming

Gaming has seen its fair share of evolution, hasn’t it? From snakes on ancient boards to digital warriors in virtual realms, the transition has been nothing short of spectacular.

Pre-digital era of games

The games of the past had their charm. They relied on pure skill, chance, and sometimes a bit of luck. Think back – remember playing chess or monopoly? Those games had stories, strategies, and emotions, but they were confined to boards.

Rise of digital gaming

Enter the world of pixels and binary. The digital era brought games that spoke to us, that resonated with our hearts. From the simple Pong to complex MMORPGs, games started living in our screens, waiting for our command.

What Sets INK Games Apart?

With so many games out there, what makes INK so special?

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics

Imagine a game that not just listens to your commands but feels your emotions. Sounds like sci-fi, right? That’s the innovation INK brings.

Emotional Connectivity

The INK game series has a knack for pulling at your heartstrings. Whether it’s a tragic backstory or a heartwarming reunion, the narratives are woven with an emotional touch that binds the player.

Advanced Graphics and Realism

Visuals so sharp, you’d mistake them for reality. Coupled with storylines that make you ponder life’s deep questions, INK is in a league of its own.

Why Gamers are Flocking to INK Games

It’s not just about playing; it’s about living the game. INK doesn’t just provide an escape; it gives a reality, one where players are the architects of their fate.

The Future of INK Games

What’s next on the horizon?

If history is any indication, INK Games will only soar higher. Maybe a game where you not just play, but also feel? A world where the virtual and real blur? Only time will tell.

INK Games: Not Just for Gamers

Ever heard of the saying, “Not all those who wander are lost”? Similarly, not all who play INK are gamers. It’s for anyone who seeks an adventure, who wishes to explore the realms of emotion, strategy, and storytelling.


INK Games isn’t just a game; it’s an emotion. It’s the frontier of what gaming could be, a beacon for the future. So, whether you’re a seasoned gamer or someone just starting out, INK is where the heart is.


  1. What are INK Games?

    • INK Games is a revolutionary gaming platform known for its emotional connectivity, advanced graphics, and innovative gameplay mechanics.
  2. How do INK Games differ from other games?

    • INK focuses on emotional narratives, blending reality with game mechanics, and offering an unmatched immersive experience.
  3. Is INK suitable for non-gamers?

    • Absolutely! INK Games cater to everyone, from hardcore gamers to those just looking for a compelling story.
  4. What can we expect from INK in the future?

    • Expect groundbreaking innovations that blur the lines between gaming and reality.
  5. Where can I purchase INK Games?

    • Most major gaming platforms and stores stock INK Games. Always look for authorized dealers to ensure an authentic experience.

Play The Oregon Trail Game Online

Who remembers playing Oregon Trail in school? If you went to school in the 70’s or 80’s, you will remember it. It was on a Tandy computer in the library when I went to school and I believe it was part of a class as well. Either way, above is a full original version of it for you to play for free 😁

The Oregon Trail game is an old, incredibly popular video game created by Bill Heinemann, Paul Dillenberger, and Don Rawitsch in 1971. In 1974 MECC took over as lead producer and put the game out on the market again. The video game is easy and was produced to show institution youngsters about how life was in the 19th century for pioneers who went on the Oregon Trail. You play the role of a wagon leader and overview your group of picked settlers from Freedom Missouri and guide them to the Willamette Valley which is in Oregon while following the Oregon Route in 1848. The video game has been released several times on multiple systems by numerous video game makers as well as authors that got the civil liberties.


Among the most important facets of the game is likely hunting for sure. Utilizing a pixelated leader with a gun, you have to buy bullets either initially or as you go along throughout the video game. As you go down the trail,  you may randomly chose to stop and hunt. You can then hunt a variety of animals like: deer, bears, elk, bison, rabbits, & squirrels to get more food. In the very early launch original variation of the game, there was no guy to control around and hunt with. You were primarily timed on just how promptly you can type out “BANG”, “WHAM”, or “POW” & misspelled words resulting in a failed hunt. In a more recent variation, you can control a little man that can move his rifle in 8 directions as well as fire a solitary chance at the quick moving animals. In various other later variations of the video game, you have the ability to hunt by using crosshairs controlled by a mouse. Bison are by far the slowest and easiest targets to hit & they give you the most food by weight. Squirrels as well as Bunnies are extremely quickly yet offer you extremely tiny weight amount. Elk (western area) and also Deer (eastern section) remain in the middle in regards to size, speed, as well as weight of food. I would say that Bear are in the middle of deer & bison in all 3 classifications. You can only fire as sometimes as the quantity of bullets you acquisition or profession for in negotiations. I would keep this in mind when starting the game as it is SUPER necessary and important to last through the game. The most bullets they let you carry at first in your wagon is right at 100 pounds of ammo in early versions of the video game. In the later variations, you can carry 200 pounds so long as you have at least 2 members left in your party. It is typical for gamers to have to kill numerous thousand pounds of game in the game, only to be limited to carry 100 pounds of the meat back to your wagon after your hunt. The idea there is to give a practical example of what it was really like back then. In the later productions, your hunting changes in different areas as well. One instance is when you hunt in the winter, the ground would be covered in snow.


When you are playing the video game, your party members can suddenly drop ill and pass away from multiple reasons, like from dysentery, a snakebite, typhoid, measles, cholera, & even just from simply fatigue. You can additionally die from a basic broken leg or you can drown in a river that you are forced to cross. Your oxen can also die due to injury along your trip. When a person in your party passes away, you hold a short funeral. At the funeral service, you can write an epitaph for them, after that, you simply continue on your journey down the path.


At the end of the course and game, points are granted according to survivors, continuing to be properties, cash, as well as by the occupation chosen at the start of the game (lender, carpenter, farmer). You can double the points at the end of the video game if you chose a woodworker & tripled if you picked a farmer.

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