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Money Saving Tricks

Charter Deals For Existing Customers 2017

Saving Money With Charter As An Existing customer

So I have wanted to write this for a while and realized I now have my site back up and running, so why not take advantage of that and help people out by writing my own personal “How To” 🙂

I personally searched the internet to find out how and just didn’t find much info I really trusted. So what I did and am telling you about I personally do on my own. In fact, I just did it again today (3-18-17) as I got a notice that my bill was going to go up for $39.99 to $59.99 as the promotion was over. (Please note the new base price is $44.99 now for internet)UPDATE 4-2-18: The base price is now $64.99 as they have raised the speeds.

I am assuming if you are reading this that you are an existing charter customer like myself. I only have internet through them, but if you are and your promotion is up or close to it, here is the letter you will receive:

This probably looks familiar and never fun to have to pay an extra $20.00 a month when you don’t have to!

What You Have To Do To Get Your Bill Down

Ok, let’s keep this short and get right to it. I am sure you might have called (like I did) and tried talking to someone at the number that they give you. You can talk to whoever answers till you are blue in the face and they won’t and can’t touch your bill. I got so pissed at the guy one of the last times I called because I remember them cutting my bill in the past. I soon then realized what I was doing wrong, so here is a step by step of what you need to do. This is still fresh in my mind as I just did it a few hours ago:

Here Are The Steps:

  1. Call the (888) 901-0739 number and have your account information handy as they will ask for it.
  2. When they ask what you are calling about, be honest and say “It looks like my internet bill is going up and it is more than I would like to pay, so I would like to cancel my service.” (please don’t worry as they will not cancel your service at this point.)
  3. They may then ask if you are sure and just say yes. They will then send you over to the cancelation department. This is where you want to be as they will work with you in this department.
  4. They will come on and say that they see that you would like to cancel due to the price and I would just agree. This is where they will ask if they can bundle you with other services (I just decline) and then they say “you have been a loyal customer, is there anything we can do to keep you around?”, this is where you say that you would like to get a reduce rate like the one offered when you sign up. (it is now $44.99, that is the lowest you will get now)(update 4-3-18: The lowest I can now get since I wrote this with the price increase is $54.99. That is still some money off for you though!). They will likely say that they will see what they can do, and come back and let you know that they can make this happen for you.
  5. Clear sailing from here for another year and then you will have to call back and do the same thing again next year. Just remember that you need to get to the actual cancellation department before you can negotiate. I made the mistake trying to negotiate with the first department and it is a waste of breath and life!


I have been using this technique for years and because I pay my parents internet as well, I have saved a minimum of $1,600 over the last 4-5 years because of this. Now you can buy a lot of things with $1,600.

I don’t feel that this is shady or scammy as you are being honest through the whole process (unless you really want to pay $59.99 or more) and they want to keep you as their customer. It is simply a small loophole I found long ago that has saved me enough money to buy a new computer and then some. Why pay more when you don’t have to!!!


I hope you really like this trick and it helps you save some money that can be better used elsewhere. Let me know what you think and that it worked for you.