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Dragon Ball Z The World’s Strongest Movie

Dragon Ball Z The Greatest Anime Of All Time?

In my opinion, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z is the greatest anime series of all time. I was older when it came out and had moved on past cartoons at that point in my life, but I had so many friends watching it and I couldn’t figure out why?! “We are grown up now guys!” I would think, then I watched 30 minutes of the cell games and I was hooked. At that point I went back and started at the beginning with Dragon Ball and bought all of the episodes as well as all of the dragon ball z episodes. How did I almost miss this masterpiece! Even at an older age (23 at that point I think) it hooked me in and gave you that feeling we all crave.

The Worlds Strongest Movie

Funny thing is, even though I had bought and watched all the series, I completely missed the short movies outside of the mainstream series. How is this possible?! So at the tender age of 37 I realized this and again, went on Amazon and bought all of the dragon ball and DBZ movies. I honestly can’t believe how many hack versions of these there are out there, so I made sure to find the Funimation versions.

In those movies I bought was The Dead Zone and The World’s Strongest.

It was ok. I honestly just prefer to watch the regular series. The extended movies didn’t do much for me personally as the same stories are typically told in shorter versions within the series.

That is just my opinion. I am curious of yours, so be sure to comment below.