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My Global Healing Center Reviews

My Health And Fitness History

To help you better understand why I even purchased the 9 step body cleanse program from global healing, I have to first start by letting you know where I was in life as far as health and fitness were concerened and why. So here is my brief background.

As my close friends would know, I have always been into fitness and health. I have been in the gym lifting weights since I was 19 (I’m now 37) and thought at times that I was in good health as I was always fit/ muscular and appeared healthy and strong. As I soon discover, appearing healthy and being healthy are two far different things. When I was about 27, I was 6′ 1″ 207 lbs and very muscular and ripped. The problem was that every 8 weeks I would get sick (various bad cold or flu symptoms) and would have to stay home for 5 days to recover. My diet consisted of protien, protien, and protein, with a side of carbs as well as a lot of sugar. ( note: I have always eaten a lot of sugar, as a kid I would put sugar on frosted flakes and use whole milk. Makes me sick just thinking about it today). I did not eat vegitables or drink alot if any water. If I was thirsty I drank milk. I was basically a walking sewage plant and didn’t honestly know it.

It got to a point where I was sick of being sick and decided to try a Tony Robbins Challenge of eating only live foods for 30 days. No processed foods, dairy, meat, alcohol, or sugars. All live foods, mostly greens, and water along with some cleansing herbs. I am one to accept challenges, but let me just say, my body went into shock for the first week and it was hell. After 30 days of this, I felt better than I had in my entire life, so I added a few things back in (fish and a little sugar here and there) but kept close to the original diet plan for the next 9 years. During this time I had only had 1-2 colds over the 9 years! What an improvement and I felt so much better.

Why I Purchased The 9 Step Body Cleanse Program

So after 9 years of eating way better than I ever have I started noticing some random rashes occuring on my body. Fun stuff right!! They were behind my knees and a couple on my shoulders. I could help but think, WTF? I eat healthier than most, and still exercise, what is going on? I tried creams and and messing with my diet trying to figure out if I was allergic to something I was eating. After searching online, I realized that it was likely candita buildup and they tend to cause rashes in joint areas. I always knew in the back of my mind that I likely had a high level of candita due to the amount of sugars I have eaten over my life. I have never done any kind of flush to eliminate any of it either.

My good friend and business partner Seth is always into different health and natural remedies and had talked about doing some liver cleanse that he swore up and down about. It sounded brutal to me and at the time so I had no interest. What did pop in my mind, was maybe this same company that he got his liver cleanse from, might have something I could cleanse this candita and God only knows what else that was built up in my body over 37 years of eating crap. So he gave me the link to Global Healing and I saw that they offered all kinds of different cleansing items and programs.

After looking around, and watching hours of video with Dr Group, I decided to just go for the full enchelada (shout out to Salomondrin and Pedro) and I got the 9 step cleansing program which included everything (Pictured about, note: missing a few items I already used). Four months sounded insane, but like I said before, I love a challenge and knew that it would do my body good and I was done with these embarasing rashes.

Let’s Break Down The 9 Steps:

  • Step 1: Beginning Health Questionnaire and preping you for the 4 months
  • Step 2: Colon Cleanse – 6 days
  • Step 3: Liver Cleanse – 5 days, then 7 off days off
  • Step 4: Second Liver Cleanse – 5 days, then 7 days off
  • Step 5: Kidney Cleanse – 4 days
  • Step 6: Harmful Organism Cleanse – 40 days
  • Step 7: Third Liver Cleanse (clearly important) – 5 days, then 7 days off
  • Step 8: Chemical And Toxic Metal Cleanse – 30 days
  • Step 9: Final Questionnaire And Overview

*I would like to note that as of 12-10-16 I am only to the kidney cleanse step and I can happily say that my rashes are for the most part completely gone!!! This is one reason why I wanted to share this.

Let’s Look At The Good And Not So Good Points Of Doing This Program

Good Points: 

  • This kit has everything you need included other than water and food.
  • The instructions are clear and easy to understand
  • I feel the price is great VS even one doctors appointment (it was a consideration)
  • I feel better than I ever have and I’m not even done yet!
  • Dr. Group has many videos online to help guide and educate you if you have questions.
  • Fast shipping!
  • Suggested use of once a year which is better than other programs I have seen.
  • Reviews and feedback of this and just Dr. Group in general are amazing.
  • Can be done at work and no need to take time off.
  • Not painfull like I thought.

Not So Good Points:

  • I haven’t had solid stool in a month! (doesn’t burn or hurt like diarrhea though)
  • Four months is a long time! (It does take commitment but your health is worth it)
  • 3 liver cleanses is not fun (Drinking Olive oil is tough for me personally without gagging)
  • There are time you will need to be close to a bathroom (you can adjust the ammount of oxy-powder to help control how much you need to go)
  • Warn other family members (You will destroy the toilet, so you will need to clean it often)

Personal Adjustments I Made To The Program

So, in the first colon cleanse you get to experience the power of oxy-powder. They say to start with 8 tablets, but holy crap, if I did that I would never get off the pot. I started with 5 and hit 6 at the most. This gave me about 5 bowel movements a day (which is recommended). 8 pills would have sent me off the charts and been too much.

Another adjustment I made was that I only did one liver cleanse VS 3. This was a personal choice as I passed little to no stones in the first cleanse and didn’t feel the need or desire to do the next 2 as I gaged on the olive oil. I may change my mind at the end and at least do one more, but for now I have only done 1. I do know that is you have a history of drinking, that these are important for you to do. I however have never drank much at all over my life.


So the full 9 step program will run you about $479.95 (it looks like they might be out of stock ATM) . I also added in the aloe fuzion tablets ($19.95) and a jar of Braggs apple cider vinegar ($5.99). You can get braggs at any health food store if that is easier. So I paid just over $500 for everything I got (shipping was free). Some might think that is a lot, but to me, that is the cost of one doctors visit. It is also well worth it for my health. Invest in yourself, there is few things in life more important than your health. It is also around the same price as a few other programs I saw online.

Overall Thoughts

I am so glad that I have found Dr. Group! No this is not a “fun” program, but it’s not horrible either. My health is more important to me than anything and I’m excited to feel my best again and do this once a year. I do this program to feel great and stay healthy so I can occasionally have fun and “not good food” every now and then. I am not so strict that this is my life, I do this so I can have some fun but stay healthy long term. After looking into a lot of cleansing programs that I chose not to mention in the review, I found this to be the most trusted and best rated overall. I personally just felt as this is my personal blog, that I wanted to share this with my friends and anyone else who cares to read about it. Maybe you are having some kind of helth issue like I was and need a direction to go. This is a great place to start! I’m sure we all could use a little cleansing.

I would encourage anyone to just watch some of Dr. Groups videos online (i’ll put one below)to get an idea of who he is and what this is all about. Really hope this helps!

Overall Review
  • The 9 Step Full Body Cleanse


I was after a full body cleanse that was highly recommended and I got just that. The price was about what I epected and if you don’t want everything, you can break it down into chunks and it will cost much less. The products are quality and the information and guide was perfect and super easy to follow. There were even warnings and heads up as to what I could expect with each step so there were no surprises. I couldn’t be happier and got what I was after. Highly recomended to anyone seeking better health.

Comments And Participation

Any personal questions or comments? Please feel free to leave them and comment below, I’ll do my best to check them and reply when I can.


Here we are in the craziest time of my lifetime (April 1st, 2020) and there is no better time than to look into some of Global Healings cleansing systems. You are likely at home which is perfect and it will help to reset your system to assist in fighting ALL diseases and health issues as I can attest. I still cleanse at least 2 times a year and my body and gut health has honestly never felt better. I’m not preaching this to sell it, but to help everyone feel their best. 😁👍