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Halo 3 anniversary 2017 Rumors? Is The Remake Happening?

Halo 3 Anniversary 2017 Rumors 

I randomly heard a rumor that Halo 3 was going to have an anniversary edition and I got as excited as a 10-year-old on Christmas morning (onesie and all baby).

After quick research, it sounds like it is just not going to happen due to cost and logistics. Here is a pretty good video about rumors and why it is not happening, you can also check out this guide on how to stream videos on twitch. I don’t know these guys, but they seemed like good guys, so I’ll promote their video and channel:

Halo And The Franchise

I have been waiting to write about Halo for so many years now. So much built up frustration like a lot of you.  Now I have my site back up to do it, so here goes…
Being a huge fan and player of the real Halo (1,2, and 3….maybe ODST), not this other crap they call Halo (although I did enjoy playing Reach). Halo became too much like Call Of Duty in a sense ( I love COD and MW2 and MW3 BTW, they just shouldn’t mix). Literally playing Halo5 I felt like I was playing the newest COD, which they also killed in my mind.

Keep in mind this is just me voicing my opinion of it, but I think and feel a lot of you out there feel the same.

They take a great game and sell out to what they think is trending and will make the most profit (COD at the time). I understand, but I don’t agree from a player standpoint. Sometimes simple wins. I don’t mind if any 343 employees or Microsoft employees read this either and yes, I do know some of them. This is not meant to rip them apart as a whole, they did what they felt was best or were told to do. Sometimes you don’t have control over the final say.

Simple Wins

I can’t tell you how many Halo fans I talk to and agree that all Bungie or 343 needed to do at the time, was release a whole new set of maps for Halo 3. Heck, same goes for Halo 2 and 1. These are almost perfect games that don’t need to be tweaked or messed with! It is so simple really. You don’t have to spend millions to release a whole new game, we don’t need it! Make 15 new maps for halo 3 and sell me that. Add some new game objectives if you want. Add a side story you can play for campaign, just don’t mess with the gameplay.

Let’s go over the do’s and do not’s (you can email me with more ideas):


  • No jetpacks
  • No special body shields
  • No Fake guy running
  • No super run
  • No built in inviso (work for that)
  • No changing the BR


  • More maps
  • Halo 3 gameplay back
  • Sell us cool armor if you have to make money, that’s fine…the staffies will buy it 😉 Teabags will fit on any armor.
  • Bring back Halo 3 ranking or something close to it that goes to a level you can’t reach for challenge, maybe 100? Just don’t stop at 50. ( I swear I  have played people that would be 80-90)
  • Make a share mode in game to post videos straight to Youtube. ( Ok, maybe I am giving you too many good ideas)

Master Chief Collection

I think this will probably be the closest to an anniversary edition that we get and it is great considering really. The improved graphics are pretty good. I can’t complain too much as they did at least do this so we can play online again. Maybe they did it to test and see how many people still play the old versions? It could still be improved as mentioned in the points above, but we will take this for now.

Your Thoughts

I can’t be alone on this and I’m just speaking what is on my head currently. The more I think about it, the more I will come back and add or even make another post on it. What are your thoughts and ideas? What do you miss and love about the original Halo series? Your thoughts on improvements and what you would like to see.

Comment away below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.