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INK Games – Making Money With Gaming, Is It Real?

INK Games

Since the first video game to hit the market in the early 1970’s (Pong – not the first made, the first public market release to be clear), the world has been captivated by the virtual reality video games can provide. INK Games, a veteran in their own right, are on track to becoming a huge new gaming company and for good reason. Founded in 2018, INK Games and their founders have experience in the gaming world spanning much farther than the last year since launching their newest venture. Let’s get back to more about them in a minute.

How Big Is Gaming

So just how big is the gaming world? If you are close to any teenagers in your family, chances are you’ve witnessed first hand just how powerful gaming can be. In 2018 the game Fortnite generated over $2.4 Billion in revenue and had just been released in July of 2017. Following in close second was League of Legends with over $1.4 Billion in 2018, and Pokemon GO with $1.3 Billion in revenue the same year. In 2019, it is projected that the global games market will eclipse $150 billion – that is a 13% year over year growth streak. Subscription based gaming is on the rise and there is no end in sight as the digital landscape continues to advance at an increasingly rapid rate.

Back To INK Games….

Coming together to build one of the best teams in the corporate world of video games was INK’s first task. Made up of some of the most notable gaming professionals, INK Games is on the fast track to dominating the gaming space. Notable accomplishments include helping establish EA in the social gaming space. EA’s Casino game had the likes of poker, black jack and scratch it’s. Players were able to customize their avatar, chat with others, and navigate a virtual casino. In addition they founded Diluted Studios (ultimately bought by Zynga, launching Zynga Slots generating over $150 Million in 2015) and the founding team of Buffalo Studios, the creator of Bingo Blitz – the industries #1 bingo game for over 7 years generating over $200,000 a day. Other notable projects include Sims 3, Marvel games, Pokemon games, and Avengers Alliance games. These guys know there is money to be made. The question is, how do gamers access it?

Reoccurring Revenue With Gaming

INK Games believes the gaming world has a problem and that they have the solution. Currently, there is no platform for influencers and users to get paid recurring revenue for their following and viral reach. INK Games knows that gamers want gamified, global platforms to monetize the influence they have created. With their new proposal, influencers and users can monetize their following and viral reach – with this, users can finally be paid to grow the world’s largest networks. Offering influencers and gamers what others can’t, INK Games surpasses even the world’s largest gaming platforms in all that they have to offer users.

Getting Paid For Gaming

In comes INK Games newest venture – World of Influence. Described as “Pokemon Go meets Monopoly” World of Influence allows users to get paid for building a virtual world. With no cap on earning, users can collect revenues based on viral reach and in-game purchases. How is this possible you may ask? World of Influence creators built this game to allow users to purchase their real-life area codes so that as the World of Influence grows, territory owners can earn rewards based on activity within their territories. They embedded a referral code into every profile so the reach of each account can be tracked for life. Invite one person to join, and you can be connected to thousands of other users. Essentially, users invite users to grow the World of Influence, and INK Games pays. Sound too good to be true? You’ll have to try it out for yourself. If you’re interested in learning more, find information here.

Keep in mind, I have an inside track on this information so the website may not be up and running just yet, but at least it is an opportunity for the gaming community to get in early and possibly make some money with gaming. How can I not share that with everyone?!

I’ll be curious to see when this officially launches how it looks and plays. It could be huge, I honestly don’t and won’t know until we get more information so stay tuned. I’ll be sure to update this as I learn more in the weeks to come.

Always be sure to also check out my other gaming blogs. Thanks for stoping in.