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Lack Of Nintendo Classic Machines Grrrrrr

Nintendo Clearly Owns My Soul Again

So, it is December 14th and Nintendo has yet to release it’s supposed second batch of machines. I would have to assume this is on porpose to create a buzz and higher demand? Or is it just really poor marketing? Either way, a lot of people are getting raked over the coals on ebay paying up to 4 or even 5 times as much as the sticker price ($59.99) just to get on eof these before Christmas.

Why doesn’t Nintendo realese these early enough to get them by mail. If they wait any longer, Amazon won’t be able to get them to people in time if they do get more.


I am sure you can sense my frustration here as many other people are probably experiencing as well. The sad part is that I already have old Nintendos and all of the games that come with the new one. The problem is that someone knows I want one and would like to get it for me for Christmas. I hate to let them down from having the thrill of getting it for me as I would be genuinely excited. I also don’t want them to over pay for one on Ebay. I already warned them not to as it is not worth it.

This kids face kills me, classic!>>>> )
I think the excitement for me (like the kid) is that getting one for Christmas would bring back those memories of when I was young and got an original Nintendo. Then to share it with everyone else and watch them play and enjoy it all over again. It was such a great system that affected so many people my age (37). Nintendo knows it too and is just toying with us.

Downfalls of the system

A downfall apparently of this new system is that the conroller cords are very short. Why would you do that? I mean, they made extensions for the old cords and those were pretty long on their own. Stop screwing with us Nintendo!!! I really have to say, they could have made this system legendary if they made it so it would play old carts! They could have even made more new carts if they did that and make even more money. I gladly would have paid too. There clearly is a market for it if they did it. Maybe I should give them any good ideas…..shhhh, zip it Matt!

Plus Sides

I hear that each game in the mini has “save slots” so you can save games and scores. That is pretty awesome to me as when we used to play, you would have to hand write down your best scores on a lot of games to save them. Sometimes, the screen would disappear if you died and wouldn’t even give you a chance to write anything down.


What are your thoughts about all this? Are you getting one of these? Do you already have one? Do you want one? What would you improve or change about it? I’m curious to see what other people think…..

Update 4-27-17

Nintendo announces to discontinue the classic????? I haven’t even seen one in a store yet! WTF Nintendo. See the demand and fill it…real simple. Don’t go pissing your customers off and make them buy overpriced crap on Ebay. If you are not smart enough to see the hype people still have over NES, you are ignorant. There is so much money for you to make here it is nuts. Sell the same system for $80, I don’t care. It beats $200+ on Ebay. Also, see the opportunity to “Re-release” a NES like system and offer more game or different games. Downloadable games that you charge a few dollars for. Where is the creative thinking here?!?!?!?!?!?

Hell, hire me on and I’ll throw you great ideas that will make you a ton and give happiness to so many customers out there. I already know some fo your staff anyway. Mind you, these are all ideas I would be happy to pay for myself. Not looking to gouge people, just give them what they want at a great price and easy access.

Anyone else baffled by these marketing flaws? If this is all to build hype for the new SNES Classic it is crap.

Update 8-1-17

Well, I caved in….I bought an overpriced NES Classic due to the fact that Nintendo couldn’t see the light and stopped producing them! WTF Nintendo. Can you not see the love we all still hold for this line of games.

I ended up paying $210+ shipping to get one of these still sealed. The absolute psycho part of this is that when I went to find an original release controller for one of these, they cost more than the system!!!!! holy crap. I could have bought so many of these when I went in and they didn’t have systems. Ohh the craziness of the who thing.

Now, we are looking at the new SNES classic this Christmas. Is Nintendo going to screw everyone there as well? I promise that people are gearing up for this one and in no way am I paying $210 for another one of these things.

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