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My Favorite Music


  1. Hello, Im In Delaware (Cover) PaperCities 4:21
  2. Take Care PaperCities 3:31
  3. Wasting Time PaperCities 3:22
  4. You Weren't Wrong, You Were Just Wrong About Me (NEW) The Atlantic 3:13
  5. You're Not From New Hampshire PaperCities 3:34

I cannot find their cd anywhere, if anyone can direct me to where I can get one, even a pirated one, please let me know. They are fantastic.

More from an old album and the 2nd most played on purevolume! They changed their name soon after to “The Atlantic” and then disapeared again…WTF…such great music….any help in finding an album of theirs would be much appreciated.

So good…reminds me of Panamore…sounds almost identicle.

Just Plain Funny

I can’t help but laugh watching this….

One Of My Favorite Movies Of All Time…RAD! The Music…

Break The Ice:

Send Me An Angel:

I get chills when I hear this song… Thunder in your heart:


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  1. Duck Hunt Intro 0:07
  2. Duck Hunt Title Screen 0:05