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New NES Classic Edition Unboxing The Good And The Bad…

Ok, The New Nes Mini, Is It Different?

I was just reading online that Nintendo had re-released the NES Classic Mini, so I went and looked for one and saw a lot of them at $85.00. I figured, well, I’ll just go to amazon and get free 2 day shipping. When I went there, they had them for $59.95. I was confused so looked around some more, then came back and bought it on Amazon as they were so much cheaper. I was still amazed and was just hoping to get a playable unit and hopefully not some kind of knock off.

a picture of a NES classic mini

It 2 days I got it and sure enough, it was a brand new unit stright from the factory. I was pretty excited as I had waited 2 years to get one 😡🤬, so figured I should shoot a quick unboxing video (as seen above).

In my video I mentioned that you can get these for $59.95 on Amazon. After I shot the video and went to look for a link to put here for them, all I could find was the same thing for $84.89…..WTF?!

a picture of a nes classic mini

and….when I went to get a link to share with everyone, this is the message I got….

a picture of a link

WTH?! I mean, so as amazon affiliates we can’t promote the cool stuff? Even after they raised the price to make more money?!!!!

This was really a lame ass 1, 2 punch from Nintendo and Amazon. Raise your price on an item people have been waiting for for 2 year when you see the demand and then screw your promoters as well?!!! Not cool.

Is it just me or has Nintendo just disappointed people over the last 10-20 years? I mean, the Wii was ok, I never played the switch and didn’t really want to as Xbox is where I went. They just don’t have the draw they used to. They hit such home runs with NES, SNES, and even N64, that I think they just set the bar too high and could never hit it again.

It also seems like the cater to their thoughts and ideas vs what the market is after? I can think of a ton of great ideas they could have done with this NES Classic that would have sold even more units than it did.

Seriously, if a Nintendo rep is reading this, I would love to come up to Redmond and sit on a panel and discuss some ideas that would just have the gaming community in a frenzy. Not even kidding. I have have toured the facility, so I even know what office to head to.

a picture of the nes classic

Ok Enough Rambling, Is The System Cool Or What?

Ok, now that I have vented a little, I was still excited to unbox this. Everything is tightly packed and I love the homage to the original NES with the brochure on top as seen in the picture above.

Here is the insides of the classic:

a picture of the NES classic mini insides

And the back showing all of the game inside:

a picture of the back of a NES mini

I plugged it in and was excited like a kid to breeze through an easy menu and pick between the games. I had to play some Excitebike and then I played Punchout for quite a while till I hit Bald Bull and forgot how to beat him. Oh well, time to switch over to Fortnite anyway.

So What Is The Good About The NES Mini Matt?

The good is this:

  • After waiting 2 years I was lucky and got one for $59.95.
  • I has a great selection of games.
  • It comes boxed well and appealing
  • It uses an HDMI cord and a phone plug to USB for power, so if any of these break, they are easily replaceable.
  • Nice clean graphics with fast load times.
  • I think it saves scores?? Not sure….

And The Bad:

  • They immediately raised the price to $85.89 to gauge a few more people (thanks!)
  • It took FOREVER to get another run of these (and will they run out again?!)
  • The cord on the controller is literally 2’….no lie…who was the designer on this? Did it really save that much money to lose even an extra foot?!!! Dumb.
  • HDMI cord is short as well…at least if this was long you could put the system close to you, but no…it isn’t.
  • It only comes with one controller!!! An extra controller is $35.00…wow…seems like a lot for one controller.

a picture of a nes classic controller

Man, a lot of fails, but still, it is cool I won’t lie. At least they tried. I don’t think they honestly knew how many people are still into the retro games. In fact, I know that they didn’t know because I doubt they did any test markets or talked to real gamers about this. I didn’t see any reps at any of the classic gaming expos in the last 10 years.

I know, I sound bitter….I just would like to see a great system at a great price for everyone to enjoy especially when I know the profit margin. At a certain point it is just greed to me. Or, it could be because their supply from China got marked up because of trade changes….that could be actually and that would make more sense….so maybe I am wrong to complain without knowing more information…


Ok, price aside I do like this. I will definitely play it a lot as well. I may sound like a downer, but that is because I hold Nintendo to a high standard and there was just so much room for improvement here. All in all it is cool and I’m glad they at least did something. I hope that for mini’s in the future, they will plan a little better like for the supposed N64 classic edition mini that I keep hearing about. I suppose it make sense at this point.

Not my most enthusiastic review, but let me know your thoughts on this one. I’m a bit passionate about Nintendo, so maybe I’m to close to it and everyone loves this thing. It is good, but what are your thoughts on price and the overall system? Let me know below in the comments…