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Oura Ring Review And Coupon Code

Oura Ring

Why In The World Did I Get An Oura Ring?

So I am personally taking a mentorship course from Sam Ovens. Sam is amazing and is next level for someone looking to grow their business (which I am in the process of doing). When I take a course, I tend to follow everything as closely as I can, especially when the course costs a lot of money. I intend to get my value out of it.

With that said, Sam talks a lot about sleep and how much of a role it can play into everything (which I am sure we all know). But then he mentioned to get this ring to help track sleep. I wasn’t super excited to spend another $300, bu tI honestly trust in what he is saying. So, I went ahead and got the ring.

The Process…

I first started by picking out the style and color I wanted, then I was smart and got a sizing kit for a few extra dollars to make sure what size I needed. I would recommend this to anyone looking at these as it changed my mind on what size actually felt right for me.

Before checkout I decided to try and save a little money. Being an internet marketer myself, I figured I should search for a coupon code and found the one below:

Coupon code ($50 off): TWIT  (And no I’m not getting paid or make any money on this.)

It worked! I also just checked it again before posting this and it worked again, so please let me know if it ever stops working.

Once you check out your actual ring won’t get built until you get your kit in the mail and then come back to the website to enter the desired size. So DO NOT forget your login information! I did and it took a while to find where to come back to to enter my ring size so they could start making it.

Once everything was ordered, it took about 3-5 days to get my sizing kit. It’s a pretty cool kit (picture) as you can see and I can keep it for future sizing I suppose. I wore the size I thought felt right for 24 hours to make sure it was going to work and then I placed my size on the website.

Once the final ring was ordered and under construction, it did take 2-3 weeks to get. I was getting a little anxious, so please be aware that it is not quick at all and you will have to have patients. I am guessing they have a lot of orders.

I downloaded the Oura app for my Iphone and then synced the ring to my app as they guide you to do in the app.

I got the ring and shot this unboxing video:

I will fill in the rest as I test it out in the next couple weeks and let you know my final thoughts…..