SmashFund Crowdfunding Rewards Review

SmashFund is the world’s first crowdfunding platform that pays you to promote the brand. That’s right, get paid directly to your account for every subscriber you sign up. Crowdfunding is perfect for raising money for a passion, cause, or business that needs funding. Let’s face it, betting a business loan for a startup is near to impossible, but now you have options. SmashFund is here to help you chase your dreams. Are you ready to get started?

I’ve set up my own personal SmashFund account to raise money for my passion.

Oregon Web Solutions is one of the top-rated internet marketing companies in the State of Oregon. Our passion is to serve our customers and our community. Our SmashFund campaign is dedicated to spending 100% of the funds raised to helping feed needy and homeless in our community. Click below to donate.

Thank you for your support and generosity. There is no greater feeling in life than giving to someone who is truly grateful and in need.



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