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Arcade Games

My New Stern Star Wars Limited Edition Pinball

 a picture of the star wars limited edition pinball

Stern’s New Star Wars LE Pinball

So one of the things you will get to know about me if you browse around here long enough is that I am a video game collector. I mainly collect NES games as we as any 80’s or most 90’s systems. One thing I am also getting into thanks to my good friend Fred is getting some of my favorite pinballs as well.

This leads me to one I recently purchased as I was lucky enough to get on a short list of people to get a limited edition Star Wars pinball (#186 – see picture). I believe they made about 800 of these and that was it. They were all sold or spoken for from Stern in about a few hours. If you are looking for one, good luck. I believe you can find one, but the price has gone up and it is not likely to be still in the box :-P. Most people don’t really care, but I still haven’t taken mine out yet.

a picture of a still boxed star wars limited edition pinball from sternUh,… Matt, Why Is It Still Boxed?

You might ask why I haven’t unboxed it yet. Well, sometimes as a collector you can get torn from having something awesome and keeping it new (still in box) or playing it and keeping it. I am torn, so until I fully decide, it is staying in the box. Initially I bought it to re-sell it, but I am having second thoughts on that as I have played my friends and it is pretty fun. Not to mention my game room already has a Star Wars theme and it makes sense.

a picture of mcmrose's arcade game room

Some of the other arcade games I have are Attack From Mars (pinball – my favorite), Mrs. Packman, and super dodgeball. I used to have a dual monitor Playchoice 10 and I regret selling it, so I am currently keeping my eyes out for another in the Oregon, Washington area. Luckily, I kept all the good carts for it.

a picture of attack from mars pinball

Audience Thoughts

So what pinballs or games do any of you have if you have a game room or game corner in your house? Any games you really wish you had? Leave your thoughts below!