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Play The Oregon Trail Game Online

Who remembers playing Oregon Trail in school? If you went to school in the 70’s or 80’s, you will remember it. It was on a Tandy computer in the library when I went to school and I believe it was part of a class as well. Either way, above is a full original version of it for you to play for free 😁

The Oregon Trail game is an old, incredibly popular video game created by Bill Heinemann, Paul Dillenberger, and Don Rawitsch in 1971. In 1974 MECC took over as lead producer and put the game out on the market again. The video game is easy and was produced to show institution youngsters about how life was in the 19th century for pioneers who went on the Oregon Trail. You play the role of a wagon leader and overview your group of picked settlers from Freedom Missouri and guide them to the Willamette Valley which is in Oregon while following the Oregon Route in 1848. The video game has been released several times on multiple systems by numerous video game makers as well as authors that got the civil liberties.


Among the most important facets of the game is likely hunting for sure. Utilizing a pixelated leader with a gun, you have to buy bullets either initially or as you go along throughout the video game. As you go down the trail,  you may randomly chose to stop and hunt. You can then hunt a variety of animals like: deer, bears, elk, bison, rabbits, & squirrels to get more food. In the very early launch original variation of the game, there was no guy to control around and hunt with. You were primarily timed on just how promptly you can type out “BANG”, “WHAM”, or “POW” & misspelled words resulting in a failed hunt. In a more recent variation, you can control a little man that can move his rifle in 8 directions as well as fire a solitary chance at the quick moving animals. In various other later variations of the video game, you have the ability to hunt by using crosshairs controlled by a mouse. Bison are by far the slowest and easiest targets to hit & they give you the most food by weight. Squirrels as well as Bunnies are extremely quickly yet offer you extremely tiny weight amount. Elk (western area) and also Deer (eastern section) remain in the middle in regards to size, speed, as well as weight of food. I would say that Bear are in the middle of deer & bison in all 3 classifications. You can only fire as sometimes as the quantity of bullets you acquisition or profession for in negotiations. I would keep this in mind when starting the game as it is SUPER necessary and important to last through the game. The most bullets they let you carry at first in your wagon is right at 100 pounds of ammo in early versions of the video game. In the later variations, you can carry 200 pounds so long as you have at least 2 members left in your party. It is typical for gamers to have to kill numerous thousand pounds of game in the game, only to be limited to carry 100 pounds of the meat back to your wagon after your hunt. The idea there is to give a practical example of what it was really like back then. In the later productions, your hunting changes in different areas as well. One instance is when you hunt in the winter, the ground would be covered in snow.


When you are playing the video game, your party members can suddenly drop ill and pass away from multiple reasons, like from dysentery, a snakebite, typhoid, measles, cholera, & even just from simply fatigue. You can additionally die from a basic broken leg or you can drown in a river that you are forced to cross. Your oxen can also die due to injury along your trip. When a person in your party passes away, you hold a short funeral. At the funeral service, you can write an epitaph for them, after that, you simply continue on your journey down the path.


At the end of the course and game, points are granted according to survivors, continuing to be properties, cash, as well as by the occupation chosen at the start of the game (lender, carpenter, farmer). You can double the points at the end of the video game if you chose a woodworker & tripled if you picked a farmer.