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Video Game Collectors Podcast!

So what good are all the fun video game stories, knowledge, and history if you never share it?!  I don’t claim to know it all or even a lot. But my two friends Josh and Deniz have a wealth of knowledge across many platforms. Together, we create Voltron!….oh wait….wrong show…

But seriously, I personally love video games. Always have, always will. Time to embrace it and and share that passion with others who love them as well. It doesn’t matter matter which platform you love, we cover them all. I have played a little of everything and love to explore and learn more.

Special Guests

This show won’t be just about the 3 of us, that would be boring. We have met and know so many people from all sides of the collecting world, that we will attempt to bring them on and share their knowledge as well as back story. Everything should get a time and place to share their stories so the world can enjoy them and that is what this platform is likely going to be. It’s not about us, but just the overall love of gaming and sharing that with others who find interest in it.

We have already had 2 wonderful guest including a close friend and 3rd place finisher in the only Nintendo World Championships Robin Mihara. We also just had a great episode with an old Nintendoage Mod Acidjaguar (Andrew Morgan). He drop some great history in that episode.

Where Can You Find Video Game Collectors Podcast?

You can find us at the following:

Drop in, say hi and hopefully you get a little something out of every episode!