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Video Game Timeline and History – What Is Missing?

a picture of a video game timeline and history

Let’s play a game! Ha Ha, Love the pun….

Here is a picture of a video game timeline that I found online (credit to who ever owns it, feel free to mention in the comments). The problem is, I see a LOT of missing items. I spot one immediately that should be on here for sure as it was main stream and that is Turbo Graphics 16.

Just so you know, I do realize that this was probably based around the 3 giants as he mentions in the picture, but Turbo Graphics 16 rivaled those giants as well making this feel like it is missing things which leads me to my fun game.

So the game is this, what else is missing? It’s like finding Waldo right?! Please mention in the comments and then I will add to this blog as you mention and give you credit for pointing it out 😀


  • Turbo Graphics 16 – Matt the awesome