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Wata Games Video Game Grading And Certification Company Review

a picture of Wata Games Home page

Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, Oh Wata Relief It Is 😁

Deniz ought to get a kick out of that when this ranks and he reads it…..

What And Who Is Wata Games?

Wata Games ( is a new video game grading and certification company that is founded by and advised by some of the biggest video game collectors in the world who are truly passionate about video game collecting and protecting its integrity. The Lead President and CEO, Deniz Kahn being the mastermind behind Wata who has such a wide knowledge of gaming and collecting especially when it comes to Nintendo (NES) and Super Nintendo (SNES).

a picture of Wata Games Deniz Kahn

Man, CEO’s just keep getting younger and younger these days….

a picture of wata game chief grader kenneth thrower

At least the chief grader looks a little older 😜….

Why Do We Need Another Video Game Grading Company?

This is a great question as I have personally been using VGA for my collection grading for 8 years now (pretty much as long as they have been around). You would think with the tens of thousands of dollars I have put into grading and certification already that I might be mad about something like this. Well, I am not, and here is why…

Having dealt with VGA for so long, I have gotten to see some major areas that could and should be improved upon (which they could still do?).

a picture of a vga graded contra

Here are areas of concern with VGA:

  1. Who grades the games? 8 years later I still don’t know…
  2. Do they really know about games and variants? ( I already know this answer…)
  3. Are the cases tamper proof? If I buy a game from eBay, I want to know it wasn’t swapped out.
  4. Can I visit the plant and see how it all works?….No…
  5. What kind of advisors do you have for questions?….I don’t know…

There are more concerns, but these are fairly big in my opinion. So needless to say there is an open door for someone to offer a more complete process and offer a better experience which is why Wata even came into play.

Is Wata Game Certification Better Than VGA Grading?

Well, they are brand new so time will offer us more information, but as far as I see it (as I have graded games from both now) yes, they are and here is why:

  • You can see who the graders are and if you call they will actually tell you as well.
  • You can tour the facility.
  • The cases are tamper proof (unlike VGA….I may get into that later…)
  • The owners and graders are all collectors and know more about video games than 99% of people out there. What they don’t know, they have access to authorities in all gaming areas.
  • The cases offer more information about the game and its condition.
  • Optional high tech tracking on each game so you know it’s grading history.
  • Transparency and awesome support.
  • A team that is about as good as you can get when it comes to video game grading and you can see the team and learn about them on the website!
  • Their website is easy to use submit games on.

These aren’t just my opinions, these are straight facts so have a look for yourself.

a picture of mcmrose Halo Wata certified
These cases look sexy….

What Is The Pricing For Grading Games?

I would tell you to just go visit the website “” but I will put a few pictures here of grading options and upgrades.

It is basically the same as you would pay if you were to grade through VGA and they do offer a “regrade” tier for games that you send in that are already graded from other companies.

Below are the basic grading costs through Watagames:

a picture of wata games pricing

Here are the upgrade options and costs you can add on:

a picture of wata addon costs

Same as when I would order through VGA, I always add gentle cleaning (personal preference). The added benefit here is that you don’t have to pay a yearly membership fee to get faster grading.

My Thoughts On Wata

Awesome! I got to learn about this back when it was just an idea and I watched as Deniz and the team slowly started to put together all the pieces to make things happen. There are a lot of things that went on behind the scenes ( a lot I would love to share but shouldn’t) and I am impressed at the will and determination that everyone on the team has had. It has been a fun journey to watch and I am excited to see what the future holds.

Don’t think there weren’t any bumps along the way. Heck, Deniz and Kenneth almost died from a tree falling and just hitting the back bumper of their car!!!!

a picture of a tree hitting a car
Car dodges tree, moves like Wata…

Why Even Grade Video Games Matt?

Oh the heat that this topic gets in the video game collecting community. Here is how I see it, I don’t expect people to be ok with grading and that is ok with me. I personally love things as perfect as they can get, so why I get something rare (it’s like treasure hunting for me), I don’t want anything to happen to it. So, why not verify that it is not a fake and protect it in a case? Typically I have another version of the same game that I will use and play with. Why screw up something that has lasted for 30+ years? Yes, they are meant to be played, which is why I get a second copy :-). You don’t have to agree with me, but I love the hunt and finding rare stuff that brings back memories for me.

Honestly, if you complain about grading raising values of things (which seems to be the biggest complaint) you have a few choices:

  • Make more money so it doesn’t matter
  • Don’t collect games (sell your old stuff to me)
  • Complain and spread hate and negativity (this won’t get you ahead in life)
  • Accept that it is a part of collecting in all things and make peace with it without knocking down others. (best option)

To me it’s like me complaining about people who don’t grade games….lol. I don’t care, you are free to do as you please.

Honestly the value of games are going to go up whether there is grading or not. We just like to have a scapegoat to blame things on at times.

Because there is grading out there, whether you agree with it or not, don’t you think it should at least be done by people who know the video game collecting world and actually care about it? I do. And since this is my article I get the last say 😜

a picture of Wata at c2E2
The un-vailing of Wata Games at C2E2


We live in a place where new ideas and competition are welcome, so good on Wata for stepping up and offering (in my opinion) a better and more trusted service. I’m not here to bash VGA as I have a lot of money invested in their work. I’m just honestly pointing out areas that needed improvement and a new company that does it all as it should be done.

I’m sure a lot of you are chomping at the bit to comment, so please feel free to do so below 😁 Just please be respectful of others in your comments.