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World Of Influence Review

World Of Influence Picture

INK Games has created an ingenious platform for gamer influencers to earn money while doing what they love. The virtually economical gaming platform is called, “World of Influence”.

The best way to begin the introduction of World of Influence is to provide you with an example.

For example: if you live in Los Angeles, you’ll be interested in purchasing one of the zip codes for that area. (Keep in mind that everything is virtual.) Once you purchase a zip code, then you earn points and get paid when any new user from that specified zip code purchases games or anything related to INK games. As you can see, this can spread rapidly and gaming influencers can easily earn revenues based on their investment in World of Influence.

It’s crucial to invite people to participate in World of Influence! The more activity that occurs within your purchased zip code, the more points and rewards that you’ll earn. By inviting at least one person, that one person may have hundreds of connections. This opens your world of earning to a much wider spectrum! If you’re still unsure about investing in a virtual economy, let’s take a deeper look at how this works. Honestly, INK Games has truly developed an incredible business plan for the gaming industry. Once this hits the mainstream, it’ll be unstoppable!

Build Maps and Connect with Other Maps

World of Influence revolves around you creating your map and linking to other maps. This is accomplished by inviting people to the platform. Once you succeed in persuading a person to join, your map is then connected to their map. In general, maps are connected by dates. INK Games describes it as, “being loaded first to a social network and being compensated for viral connectivity”. This concept mirrors the real world of investing; only, it’s fun, exciting and virtual investing.

Invite Users and Collect More Than a Million Virtual Assets

Once you’re in the World of Influence, you can start collecting virtual assets in addition to your virtual property. The cool thing about it all? You earn REAL money! INK Games has provided a thorough tracking and payment processing system that monitors territory and user activity. It allows the system to record when users refer to other users or invite potential members. After all, would you really want to invest in someone who didn’t have all of their details sorted out? Not likely. However, the creators of World of Influence have established a secure and sound tracking system that’s the first of its kind in the gaming world.

How Much are Virtual Assets Worth?

Virtual assets are worth anywhere from five cents to five dollars. They’re extremely helpful too! A user may buy The Hunter assets that are great for seeking out other maps to connect to. The more assets that a user buys, the more growth that will occur.

Boosts are another great asset that will enhance the performance of specific virtual assets and will aid in developing your platform. These are important to have!

Why Would INK Games Want to Pay Influencers?

It almost sounds too good to be true, right? That’s understandable! However, if you look around, you’ll see that companies are willing to pay big bucks to market their product successfully. What better way to get the word out about INK Games than to employ gaming influencers? Influencers are already passionate about games, and they’re very skilled in video games. Followers of such influencers already flock to their online videos for help in playing certain video games.

Thus, game influencers are a huge asset to companies like INK Games. They see the value in paying influencers for spreading the word about their latest ideas and gaming inventions. It’s a win-win for both parties!

INK Games Lays it Out Like This…

1. They pay users on World of Influence for their viral connections to the public.

2. By paying users to interact with their World of Influence platform, this creates LOYALTY.

3. In exchange for their loyalty and influence, INK Games pays users on a monthly basis.

4. Thus, this minimizes exclusion and the platform GROWS.

To Make Things More Clear…

World of Influence is the first builder game with the zeal for adventure. Everyone dreams of making money while playing video games. Look no further as that’s possible with World of Influence. It’s really as simple as this:

1. Check us out on our website and sign up for one of our subscription plans. This will activate your game node on the map.

2. Invite everyone to join you by using a simple link that we provide for you. Share it on all of your social media platforms! From here, it’s time to start collecting the virtual assets that accrue from your invitations.

3. As previously stated, the more virtual assets that you collect within your map, the more points you’ll earn on a regular basis. This allows your map to connect with other maps which allows your assets to grow and multiply!

4. As your collection of virtual assets steadily grows and your points steadily grow, you’ll be paid at the end of the month! It’s really that simple! This is the World of Influence.

What You Buy is What You Own

Once you purchase a zip code, you own it. Once you purchase a virtual asset, you own it. This means that you can buy or sell property inside or outside of the game as you would like. Investing would not be investing if it didn’t include the acts of buying and selling.

Blockchain Games Create Fair Play

Lastly, World of Influence operates through block chain games. This allows the players and developers to both gain rewards through the economic processes that are presented in the game. As long as both sides are benefiting from the process, the network growth can only expand into the world of success.

Thank you for reading as always! Be sure to leave your thoughts and comments below!